JoCo Cruise Against Hodgman 3: Revenge of the Hodgman

We are excited to announce that we will be back to finish the trilogy. We are continuing in the tradition set by JoCo Cruise Against Hodgman and JoCo Cruise Against Hodgman 2: Cruise Harder, and will be creating a deck of cards for JoCo Cruise 2016!

What's this about decks?

The deck contains 54 white cards and 18 black cards for a total of 72 cards of awesomeness! Once again, they were printed on high quality 310gsm linen cards and are 63mm x 88mm, to better match the official Cards Against Humanity deck..

Thank you!

Big thanks to Perry Zombolas for the awesome artwork that will be featured in this year's deck.

Thanks to John Scalzi for letting us use his pictures of his Scamperbeasts in our deck. If you don't already know about him, check out his work!

Thanks to everyone who submitted ideas, especially:

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For those of you interested this is the list of cards that we printed:

The cards are copyright Hyper Entertainment - Creative Commons License

The JoCo Cruise Against Hodgman decks are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Cards Against Humanity, Jonathan Coulton, John Hodgman, Apples to Apples, or any of the people mentioned on the cards.

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