Death Squad

You and your follow scientists are trapped in an alternate dimension. Your only hope to escape is a strange artifact you found: a rickety old door, standing by itself on a desolate planet. However, like the rest of this dimension, nothing is quite as it seems. The door appears to be connected to some mystic power. Each time you open the door it takes you to one of 6 distinct faraway rooms, chosen by the whims of the universe. Each room contains fantastic creates and contraptions that you thought were once only part of your mind. Each trip takes a little bit of energy from you, but you can use this to your benefit and to help you escape. If you do this right you can build an impossible ship to get you off of this planet and out of this dimension. Death seems to not have any hold on you, anytime you die you just wake back up again in your camp. Can you make it out before everyone else to claim the fame and glory of this discovery?

Death Squad is in an early prototyping phase and the name is not final yet. We are currently working to determine the ideal depth of the game experience. Inspired by a desire to have a game where players can die but remain in the game. Follow us on Twitter and join our mailing list to be notified when there is a chance to play for yourself and help shape the game.