Boots & Cats

Show me what you got!

In Boots & Cats, you and your fellow musicians are attempting to amaze the audience by performing a new hit track created on the fly. Boots & Cats is a fast-paced, real-time, cooperative card game where you and your friends create a beat by playing and saying as many cards as possible before time runs out. Don’t skip a beat so your audience can move their feet!

It only takes a few seconds to explain and less than a minute to get you addicted. After each minute-long game, players immediately want to play again for another shot at a higher score. The quick play and short duration make it perfect for social gatherings, waiting in lines, and between big games.

It works well for large groups since it can accommodate multiple people jumping in and out plus it’s entertaining to watch. The unique beats are as fun to listen to as they are to create. And besides, who doesn’t love cats?

Boots & Cats is nearing the final stages of design. It was inspired by, but not associated with or endorsed by, the YouTube video. We are continuing to polish the game as we search for a publisher. Follow us on Twitter and join our mailing list to be notified when there is a chance to play for yourself and help shape the game.