Pirate Shipping

In Pirate Shipping you and your opponents play pirates who have realized the folly of their ways and join together to form a legitimate business of shipping products. A pirate's true tendency isn't to load ships, but to steal from them. How much can you steal from your customers without them noticing? Will your partners undercut you by taking too much or will you all profit together?

Simple gameplay that can be picked up in a couple minutes. Hidden information and quickly moving barges keep you on your toes requiring you to focus your efforts to maximize your impact.

While the barges are being loaded, you and your fellow pirates will be inspecting and modifying the contents. Take stuff that is a too rich that won’t be missed, add better items to prevent from suffering fines, stall shipments, or just stash goods into your trove. End up with the biggest pile of treasure at the end of the game to win.

Use your wits to get the other pirates to help or stay away from your barges. Bluff, lie, tell the truth? Do whatever you need to escape fines and build your treasure trove.

Pirate Shipping is still in the early design stage. We are working on getting the core mechanics working together to provide a cohesive and engaging experience. Inspired by a discussion on themes and game mechanics where a game about pirates loading ships wouldn't work since pirates don't load ships, they plunder them. Follow us on Twitter and join our mailing list to be notified when there is a chance to play for yourself and help shape the game.