Equestrian Pedestrian Bicycle

A game of yielding

In Equestrian Pedestrian Bicycle you are trying to get the end of the trail with fewest interruptions using various means of travel. Watch out for the other trail users as you’ll need to yield right of way. Anyone can get to the end of the trail, but can you do it most efficiently? To win you’ll have to manage your resources and pick your forms of travel carefully.

With only a few rules it doesn’t take long to explain. You'll be ready to play in minutes. Despite the small ruleset and few components, it can be deceptively deep. Pay attention and read your fellow players in order to outsmart your opponents. The game can quickly be filled with enjoyable banter about which moves people should take.

Equestrian Pedestrian Bicycle is nearing the final stages of design. Inspired by the signs on the trail that look like an unbalanced Rock Paper Scissors chart. We are continuing to polish the game as we search for a publisher. Follow us on Twitter and join our mailing list to be notified when there is a chance to play for yourself and help shape the game.