JoCo Cruise Against Hodgman

Starting with a heaping helping of nostalgia for JCCC3, adding a smear from the greater JoCo Nerd Sphere, a cup of CAH, and a sprinkle of Apples to Apples, I am proud to announce JoCo Cruise Against Hodgman or a game in the key of CAH.

What's this about decks?

The deck contains 54 white cards and 18 black cards for a total of 72 cards of awesomeness! They were printed on high quality 310gsm linen cards (whatever that means). Based on the survey feedback, we printed 100 decks, each of the performers on JCCC4 got their own deck, the remainder were pre-sold before the cruise.

I am pleased to announce that the wonderful Marian Call has graciously contributed some amazing card ideas. If you haven’t checked out any of her music you should, she is very talented!


All of the decks from the first printing were claimed before the JCCC4 cruise... Due to popular demand, we printed a second run of this deck for JCC5 and JCC6 which were made available to those going on the cruise, but those as well have all been claimed.

Thanks for you interest in the JoCo Cruise Against Hodgman deck, we had a blast on JCCC4 (and JCC5 and JCC6). Thank you to all who got a deck and shared in our fun!

There have been some questions about what changes were made in the second printing. First, the deck is printed on slightly smaller cards, 63mm x 88mm, to better match the official Cards Against Humanity deck. We also be updated the box and cards to help differentiate them from the official deck (a little blue accent line). Lastly, we fixed some grammatical errors.


For those of you interested, this is the list of cards that we printed:

The cards are copyright Hyper Entertainment - Creative Commons License

The JoCo Cruise Against Hodgman decks are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Cards Against Humanity, Jonathan Coulton, John Hodgman, Apples to Apples, or any of the people mentioned on the cards.

Cards Against Humanity is a trademark of Cards Against Humanity LLC.

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